What Are Critics Saying?


REview: Northanger abbey with stolen shakespeare guild

“Duran looks and seems the part. Small and cute and personable, she easily fits as a darling of society, though not by Catherine's intention. Duran plays this role for all it's worth, both the sweet and cuddly parts and the Gothic imaginer of dark and scary things. But her vulnerability comes through as Duran winds her way through the real question: will it be John Thorpe or Henry Tilney?”

- Charlie Bowles, The Column Online


REview: stolen shakespeare festival “the tudors”

"Marisa Duran is a bit underutilized in both plays, as her waiting lady in Henry VIII is a very funny (though brief) and her Mary Boleyn in Wolf Hall is quick-witted and manipulative."

- Brian Wilson, Theater Jones


review: talking pictures with mainstage irving - las colinas

"Katie Bell Jackson is played by Marisa Duran…Katie Bell is the explorer, curious about the world, interested in going beyond her parents’ beliefs and testing the waters, even so much as sneaking out to a movie or striking up a relationship with a Mexican boy in town, a Baptist at that! Duran made this young girl’s curiosity fun to watch. There was looseness, a bit of wide-eyed view of the world in Duran’s choices that made Katie Bell seem innocent even when she challenged authority."

- Charlie Bowles, The Column Online